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New Beers

Posted on 12 October, 2017

We have now released 13 commercial beers (not including our experimental beers).  Winter 2017 saw the new release of our Big Bang Brown Ale.  And this Spring we released our new Biére de GodsOwn (French Style Biére de Garde).  You can read about these profiles under “Beer” for Winter and Spring.

We only managed one experimental brew this winter, as we were unable to get enough plums and cherries from our farm last summer.  So we did an experimental fruit beer using grape juice from Te Awa 2017 vintage, with cabernet sauvignon grapes.  We brewed a Scottish Red Ale and then infused it with grape juice in the primary fermenter.  The results were interesting to say the least and some patrons really enjoyed it.  But for now it will possibly make a second trial before going any further.

We will be revamping our Holy Hop Green IPA again with the 2018 harvest, so watch this space for the updates.  We are planning to release a Kólsch in 2018 and we will also be doing another release of our Sacrificial Spring-bock with the addition of Wheat for Spring 2018.

Some other experimental brews on the cards include a Hawkes Bay / N. Island Golden Ale which will feature N. Island malts and GodsOwn Hops (N. Island Hops).  Early experiments are looking good.  We are not sure when / if such a commercial N. Island brew has ever been done before and it would be even more satisfying if we can pull off a Hawkes Bay (Otane) Malted and Hopped Golden Ale.  More on this to follow.

For winter 2018, we will be bringing out a good range of experimental Dark Confession brews, such as a black berry sour dark ale, whiskey smoked porter, cherry, black doris plum and fig dark ales.

Looking forward to the enjoyment!

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We have now released 13 commercial beers (not including our experimental beers).  Winter...

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