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Mission Accomplished. Lets Get Farming!

Posted on 1 March, 2016

I  finished my last international engineering assignment.  After 3 years of travelling between Australia and New Zealand twice a month it is finally over.  Mission Accomplished.

I would like to thank my family, friends and neighbours for helping us along the way to make our goal a reality. Now to full time beer farming!

I am home in time for our 2016 Hop Harvest and we are planning to make a day of it.  We are inviting some members of the Congregation to help us out on the day and to participate with the brewing of our first Green (Hop Back) Imperial IPA.  

We will be releasing this as the Holy Hop Imperial IPA and it is especially for all the hop heads.  More information on the recipe will be posted under our Autumn range but I can say that it will feature the newly released “Brooklyn” Hops from NZ Hops.

March is going to be busy.  Following the Hop Harvest, we will be working hard to be ready for the local MKK Annual Country Market Day, where we will be offering local market goers a place to rest and a fresh locally produced beer. 

On the same day we will be at the Beer Appreciation Day in Havelock North where we will be serving Garden of Eden Farmhouse Ale, Prophesy Pils and Black out of Hell IPA.

Following this we will be hosting our beer range at the Annual Hastings Sporting Shooters Club prize giving

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