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GodsOwn Brewery Activites


Here at GodsOwn Brewery we are constantly looking at doing and implementing new and exciting things for our  customers and the local community to enjoy.

Kids Play Area

We currently have a sand pit and large trampoline in the hop garden

Our BMX track needs some refining but it is very ridable. We will be building a playground during summer 2017 so that the kids are well entertained.

There is also a large “common” area in the Hop Garden where kids can play on cable drums, do farm bowling, kick a ball, play cricket or just run around.

Families are very welcome here.

BMX Track

We have just recently built a BMX track, which still needs some work before we make it available for free to anyone in the community, visitors or passer-by’s.

It is designed to allow kids (no limited age) to have some fun and improve their skills, whilst mum and dad can sit down and spectate.  There will be seating available and picnics allowed, the view of the ranges are quite spectacular.

We are always thinking of new and cool stuff to set up for kids, so welcome any comments and ideas.

Hop Picking

Our annual hop picking and green hop IPA release.  This is still in its early days as our hop garden continues to grow but first community invite will be in March 2016.

Please contact us if you have an interested in knowing more about our hops, if you would like some including Rhizomes for your personal use.  It is a wonderful plant to grow with quite a few practical uses other than for using in beer.

Brewery Tours

As we are a small family owned brewery, we are always willing to show visitors the brewery and explain how it works.  Please feel free to contact us and visit during open times for a tour.

Home Brew Club

We have a lot of avid MKK home brewers that frequent us and it has been suggested that we start a small local club to allow others to meet in a friendly environment try, test and swap recipes and taste each other’s creations and even perhaps turn it, into a small event.

We have started gathering names of interested home brewer’s and are busy working on plans to launch the first gathering.  If you are interested, please contact us.

In further support of home brewer’s, we are also willing to assist with raw ingredients, i.e. malt and hops and including fresh wort on brew days.

Please contact us for information about available raw ingredients.

SOBA (Society of Beer Advocates)

We have recently joined SOBA (Hawkes Bay) and will be working with the local committee to collaborate and arrange events, beer tasting and tours, etc

All SOBA members will get a 15% discount on craft beer purchases.

Spent Grain

With all the brewing there is always spent grain, which we use in our home-made breads and pizza doughs, but still have plenty left. The cows and chooks get a good helping.  But we still always have enough left over that we are more than happy to part with for free to home bakers, farmers, etc.

Contact us for fresh collection or let us know when you can collect.

Check out our Facebook page for what’s brewing and when.

Brewery Tours

Currently we are lucky enough to be part of the Frankly Hawkes Bay tour route. We will also be joining the Bay Tours Craft Beer Guide which will be starting up in October 2017 on Labour Weekend.
Check either of these tour operators out for more information at …...